Grupo Borau

In 1944 starts a business project focused on agricultural product marketing. With vocation of family business, it leads to the formation in 1956 of the company Borau Hermanos S.A. , mainly dedicated to the marketing of cereals, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and transport activity.

With the addition of the second generation family, it is decided that the development should be oriented to the differentiation of the areas of activity in independent companies for better specialization, so different companies were created for each of them: Cereales Huesca S.A., Fertilizantes y Pesticidas Huesca S.A., and Transportes Borau S.A., being Borau Hermanos S.A. and advisory firm.

The incorporation of third generation family is the basis for the development of the company resulting in an upgrade of the technology in all aspects that improve the current activity, enabling a closer and more intense communication with our broad base of customers.

Although the group reflects an image of QUALITY and TRUST, we are aware that the future lies in technology and research. Hence, we will dedicate our efforts on empowering these pillars to be the basis and the commitment of the group, conveying the advances achieved through the website and social networking that will result in the benefit of all.

Agricultural sector

Borau Hermanos

Borau Hermanos

  1. Diesel distribution

Cereales Huesca S.A.

Cereales Huesca (Cehusa)

  1. Purchase of cereals

  2. Purchase of seeds

  3. Seed certification


Fertilizantes y pesticidas (Ferpesa)

  1. Purchase of fertilizers

  2. Purchase and application of phytosanitaries

Transportes Borau

Transportes Borau

  1. Transport of goods by road

  2. Transport agency

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