Cereales Huesca S.A. (Cehusa)

  1. Purchase of cereals: we buy crops from farmers, cooperatives and agricultural companies in the numerous delivery points distributed along the province of Huesca. We have our own facilities for storage.

  2. Sale of seeds: seed supply to farmers including barley, wheat, corn and other cereals. We distributors of Pioneer.

  3. Seed certification: through a process performed in our facilities, we proceed to select the best seeds for certification and offer them to our customers. We have an official accreditation of the Government of Aragon to certify winter cereal seeds. To carry out the pre-screening, more than 3,000 Ha. are cultivated annually with partners. We are the first company in the province of Huesca in seed certification, being our varieties the most sold in the domestic market.

  4. We work with leading companies in the development of new varieties that are more suitable for our climatic conditions.